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Why soy?  The reasons are simple!

Soybeans are one of America's most bountiful crops.

The purchase of soy-based products not only boosts America's economy, it supports local farmers and agriculture. Soy candles purchased from Short Beach Candle Company are made with 100% natural soy wax, from 100% domestically grown soybeans.

Soy burns clean!

Ever buy a typical jar candle and burn it for a few hours? Did you like that black soot building up around the glass? Nah, we didn't think so. That soot comes from cheap paraffin waxes paired with low-quality wicks. At Short Beach Candle Co., we use only 100% natural soy coupled with wood wicks to produce a clean low-smoke burn. Our organic wood wicks also give that special crackle effect without a fireplace.

Soy doesn't stain!

We've all had candle accidents and spills; trouble is most waxes won't clean up easily. Soy wax spills clean with just soap and warm water! You needn't be worried about your white rug any longer!

Soy is non-toxic!

When you've burned your Short Beach Candle down to the very bottom, simply remove the wick and toss the container into your dishwasher. Voila! You now have a re-useable food safe container to enjoy for years to come!

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